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Working at height is a challenging task. Did you known that, “Each year, 9.7 of every 10,000 construction workers suffer a fatal injury, which is the fourth highest rate of any industry.”. (U.S. Bureau Of Labor Statistics) With the challenge already at such an extreme level, why make it any harder than it has to be? That is where Plank Supply comes in. Our simple to use and helpful tools can make even the most daunting task, easily accomplishable. Our connectors are designed and tested to comply with or exceed ANSI.

OSHA defines a Connector as, “a device which is used to couple (connect) parts of the personal fall arrest system and positioning device systems together. It may be an independent component of the system, such as a carabiner, or it may be an integral component of part of the system (such as a buckle or D-ring sewn into a body belt or body harness, or a snap hook spliced or sewn to a
lanyard or self-retracting lanyard).”

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